Dorothy Riley Chapter #189 (DR#189) created Learning to Accept and Develop You (L.A.D.Y.) Mentoring Program the spring of 2010. This program, a long time vision of Worthy Matron, Tanya Bridgewater was developed to give one on one mentoring and developmental activities to young women in need of additional guidance and support. L.A.D.Y. is a community service project of DR #189; all members of the chapter take a role in the implementation, oversight and ongoing development of the program.


Learning to Accept and Develop You (L.A.D.Y.) Mentoring Program provides mentoring to young women ages 5 - 18  by offering developmental activities and skill-building. 



The purpose of L.A.D.Y. is to provide young ladies ages 5-17 with a supportive environment that assists in their personal, social, and academic growth and development. The participants are nurtured through On- on-One Mentoring, Learning Sessions and Pro-social Activities that reinforce character building. 


Program Goal

To promote educational, career and self-development; focused on (5) principles: obedience, friendship, purity, faith, and love, taken from Order of the Eastern Star heroines; Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa. 


Program Principles:

  • Obedience – Teaches us to comply with and submit to authority and consistency and commitment in all endeavors. 

  • Friendship – Teaches the value of friendly relations, harmony, and loyalty and how to create valuable bonds with people.

  • Purity- Teaches freedom from “anything” that debases, contaminates, or pollutes us. Purity also enables one to be free from guilt and evil.

  • Faith- Teaches confidence and trust in a person or thing and having a belief so strong proof is not needed.


2021 Meetings 


4th Saturdays at 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. 







 L.A.D.Y.  ACHIEVER 2020

Ja'Vonne Cousins

Ja'Vonne Cousins recently graduated from Oak Park High School. She is the youngest of four siblings and has been a member of L.A.D.Y. for 4 years. She serves on the DR189 Chapter's Child Care Service Team. She states she enjoys teaching and caring for people, especially children. 

Ja'Vonnne joining L.A.D.Y. has been a very good experience for her in her words.  "I have been able to watch Sister's work together for our betterment has been very heartwarming to me. "

She further states "We have learned a lot and shared a lot of memories over the last four years and I am looking forward to my next chapter with L.A.D.Y. I think at some point I will become a mentor."

My love and gratitude to ALL OF THE SISTER'S OF D.R.189 for your guidance, friendships, and love.


Bianca Miles

Bianca Miles recently graduated from Western Michigan University (WMU) with a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in communication. WMU, she a prominent leader on campus and involved in several student organizations including Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Residence Housing Association, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and more. In all of these organizations, she held a presidential or vice-presidential position. Bianca states that “During my memberships in these organizations, I found myself applying the lessons learned during my time with L.A.D.Y.”


Bianca stated that “Being a member of L.A.D.Y. has given me a wide range of skills while learning to grow into the young lady I am destined to be.”


In Bianca’s own words: “This program taught me several life-long lessons, including friendship, self-love, etiquette, and self-confidence. I took all of the lessons learned during my time in L.A.D.Y. into my collegiate journey at WMU where I began to develop into my true self. These lessons helped me become involved and hold several leadership positions that were mentioned before. Without this program, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today. My mentor, Sheria Robinson-Lane, stepmom, Jackie Miles, and several sisters from DR189, were steadfast in my journey through college, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Bianca is currently enrolled in Wayne State University College of  Social Work Master’s program.  Anticipated graduation date Summer 2021.

 L.A.D.Y.  ACHIEVER 2019


    Imani Bridgewater

Imani Bridgewater graduated from Central State University in June, 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice,  While in school she worked for Youth United and completed an internship under George Cushingberry while he was a member of Detroit City Council. Imani was also on the Dean's list while at CSU.


        Zaria Bridgewater

Zaria Bridgewater graduated from Henry Ford Academy in June 2020 with honors.  She received an academic & Athletic scholarship to attend Lake Erie College.  This year she will be attending Jackson College on an academic & athletic scholarship.  Zaria is currently on the Dean's list. 

 L.A.D.Y.  ACHIEVER 2018

SHA'KENYA     walker


Sha'Kenya has been a mentee of L.A.D.Y. for over 8 years.   She is currently the Vice President of Youth Move Detroit.  She was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority for always being the first to volunteer and assist.  Along with her work with Youth Move, Sha'Kenya is a Senior in high school and actively participates in 4 different sports while maintaining a high GPA.


While unsure what college Sha'Kenya wants to attend, she aspires to be a Manufacturing Engineer and a Surgeon. When asked what inspires you? She replied "I don't really have an inspiration.  I kind of just do what I have to do and give it my all and never forget where I came from or who I am." 


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College Graduates
2021- Bianca Miles, BSW,MSW
2019- Imani Bridgewater BSCJ
High School Graduates
Javonne Cousins -2020
Zaria Bridgewater- 2019
Shakenya Walker- 2019
Bianca  Miles- 2016
Imani  Bridgewater - 2015
Briana Walker - 2014