Sisters of Color


Our Star life's not always easy,
We do need rare courage now,
Like that of young, heroic Adah,
Keeping her father's awful vow.
We obey, as she has taught us,
Sometimes cry o'er life's ills;
But steadfast we turn our faces
Far from Adah's lonely hills.
This world has obedient daughters,
Carrying out a hard command;
We must seek them --

weary, troubled,
Lift them with a true "Star" hand.
Their quiet trust and true obedience
Are examples naught can mar.
Bring a candle of rare courage
To the first point of our Star.


When we learn to give up idols,
Worship just the God of Truth,
Walk the hard road of endurance
With our uncomplaining Ruth,
Then our patience

will grow greatly,
And our love will be complete;
As we humbly glean together
To obtain our Sheaf of Wheat.
We entreat her not to leave us,
But to serve with us, in Truth;
Then our God, and all our peoples
Will be One, who serve with Ruth.


Proud and lovely,

brave Queen Esther
Holds our hearts thru' all the years;
Teaches bravery in great danger,
Helps to calm our timid fears.
Esther, hope of her sad people,
Guided by God's mighty hand,
Saved her nation from destruction,
Brought peace to her troubled land.
If we had unselfish love for
Our own nation, and our kin,
Like that of brave, young Esther
Freedom's light would never dim!
And we think that her great mantle
Falls on you, who bear her name;
Wearing royal robes of Esther
May you have her noble aim!


Glowing high above this world
Is hope, eternal and true;
Lifting each soul is Martha's faith,
Handed down to me, and to you.
Softly above the storms of the world
His low, sweet voice is heard,
Bidding us read, and remember
The promises in His Word.
And the question

He asked Martha
Will be ours to answer too;
But her faith, unshaken, steady,
Is enough for me, and you!


The beautiful hands of our Master
Breaking bread, to serve each friend;
His lovely smile, in passing the Cup
Are treasures time never will end.
Electa, our Lady of warm charity,
And hospitality, true,
Fills her Cup with sincere love,
To be shared by me, and you.
Close to the glowing heart of our Star,
And that of each sister and brother,
Is the sweet counsel Electa gives,
"Let us love one another."
Her message comes to each member
With gladness, deep and sincere;
Walking together the Star-lit trail
We grow closer, year by year!