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International Free & Accepted Modern Mason Inc. & Order of the Eastern Star History

"God's Brand of Free Masonry" - Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell 33 Supreme President  & CEO

International F & A.M. Masons and Order of the Eastern Star, is a worldwide fraternity. Organized in 1950 by the late Dr. William V. Banks; a very prominent Attorney and a Mason with very high ideals. His dream became a reality at the birth of this new Masonic Organization.


This fraternal organization was incorporated and chartered in August of 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. This Charter empowered International Masons to practice Freemasonry, and operate as a Masonic Order, throughout the United States, its possessions and territories. This American issued charter empowers, International Masons to the same rights as those charters issued directly from the Grand Lodge of England or the Grand Orient of France. Dr. Banks and his host of friends established a National Jurisdiction. Through their diligent efforts the same year, three States were incorporated: Ohio, New York and Illinois.


Youth Chapters were added with authority vested similar to that in the adult constitution. The purpose, to provide an apprentice work-shop for the young children and adolescents in the charitable work of the Masonic Body. To inculcate certain moral principles, as exemplified by the Holy Bible and other moral sciences, which is highly regarded by our Masonic Order.


International Masons was founded upon those Christian principles that denied no person the right to fraternalism, regardless of race, color or creed. The cardinal principles of this organization are to appeal to its membership in such a manner as to:


  1. Promote better understanding and coordination.

  2. To improve such fields of thought which tend to ensure sound judgment.

  3. To install in the minds of youth the necessity of intellectual progress.

  4. To regard all that tends to develop character and wholesome personality traits.

  5. To establish only such assets or liabilities which are within the financial range of the membership.


International Free & Accepted Modern Masons, Inc., and Order of Eastern Star, extends from coast to coast; from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, on the Bahamas Islands and Alaska. There are approximately 350,000 members enrolled, with an additional count of youth courts.


Other institutions of Freemasonry across the nation, swell with pride at the great progress our Organization has achieved in this century. A large measurer of credits must be given to the well known reputation that Freemasonry enjoy throughout our nation and around the world.


Our purchase and employment of the first black owned Broadcasting Facilities of radio and television stations, along with the Universal Barber College, the international School of Cosmetology, also the Industrial College puts us in the position to render unbridled service far beyond that of any other Order. These medians of service, coupled with other modern services, such as monetary benefits and those of prestige, and enjoyment, brings Freemasonry to a new level and where no one can doubt that International Free & Accepted Modern Masons, Inc., and Order of Eastern Star, render services not duplicated by any other organization.


Because of our beliefs in the Bible and Christian principles, we teach charity service to all mankind and we try to induce an ethical way of life that brings about those improvements necessary to the construction of good, clean respected citizenship. Under the administration of our former leader, Supreme President and Chief Executive Officer, Illustrious, George Mathews, who took office in 1986, International Free & Accepted Modern Masons, Inc., and Order of Eastern Star, has reached a higher plateau and has grown to be one of the largest Fraternal Orders in the world. Dr. Mathews has implemented higher goals for the Officers and Members and Improved leadership, not only by teaching but by demonstration.


The order takes pride in extending a helping hand to the needs in our communities by showing Christianity and Charitable deeds. Broadening our Scholarship Fund to enable the Youth to have educational opportunities, to own businesses, or have the skills to work in top-ranking positions and take part in our government with strong voices, full of honesty. Having a helping hand in teaching people to have Respect, Dignity, and most of all Love for themselves and mankind.

Dr. Mathews has created ways and means of financially supporting other National Organizations, and private sectors with the same concepts as our own. "LOVE, CARE, and SHARE".


Succeeding Dr. Mathews in leadership in March of 2009  is Ill. Bro. James O. Dogan, 33°and he has continued to lead International Free & Accepted Modern Masons Inc. & Order of the Eastern Star until his retirement.

On July 17, 2021, the Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell was duly installed as the 5th Supreme President of International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star wherein he will continue to grow the organization to great heights and accomplishments, continuing a legacy of Brotherly Love in our Communities.

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