The Beginning

The Order of the Eastern Star was designed to serve among women the same purpose as that of Free Masonry among men, and to provide the Free Masons with cooperation of women kindred without accepting them into the Lodge.

The principles are personified by five stories of women taken from the Bible.

They are fidelity, obedience, loyalty, truth and heroic endurance personified by Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha & Electa

PrincessDorothy Riley 

This Chapter is named in honor of Princess Dorothy Riley.  She is a source of wisdom and guidance.  We look to her as an exceptional example of a "Shining Star." 

We pray that our efforts as Eastern Stars within this Chapter will reflect her unending devotion to this Great organization.

The Fabulous Dorothy Riley Chapter #189 was reorganized in the Spring of 2004 in District 1 of Michigan (Detroit, MI) under the leadership Past District Matron, Sis. Evelyn Dubose, and Past Grand Matron, Sis. Viola Edwards.  Eight Sisters (Sis. Margo A. Maxwell, Sis. Lynnetta R. Smith, Sis. ReShanna Ash, Sis. Blair Tucker-Gruchala, Sis. Ivory Mays, Sis. Nicole Bentley, Sis. Aida-Kai Johnson, & Sis. Stacia Collins) envisioned a Chapter of FABulous accomplishments and Grand embodiment of the Principles of the Eastern Star.  From its humble beginnings in the first meeting of vision around a dining table in the home of Sis. Margo Maxwell came a beautiful vision of Sisterhood which we continue to emulate today.  Considered one of the great Chapters in the State of Michigan and beyond, Dorothy Riley Chapter #189 loving known as DR189 to its membership, will continue to grow and flourish with great Sisterhood and Leadership.

Shhh... To Be Apart of DR189...

You must be Divine to be a FABulous Sister of DR189, and we will undoubtedly continue to SHINE! 

It would do you well to go forth with our story to tell and refrain from negative talk about us, but do your best to get like us!! 

If you find yourself not quite up to par, perhaps you should emulate the GREATNESS of an Eastern Star!!

~By Sis. Lynnetta R. Smith